Saturday, July 26, 2008

Get Ready to Get Gosu!

If you are a Pro Gamer, or an aspiring Pro Gamer, then this will definitely interest you:

Word has it that the Get Gosu “brass” has returned from a trip to the UK. Purpose of the trip: to visit the software team building the commercial version of Get Gosu. One would suppose that the trip means that things are either going very well or very poorly for the Gosu project. My "source" tells me that things are in fact going quite well. Get Gosu is actually getting ready to begin a limited beta of the commercial build. You wouldn't know it by looking at their website; which hasn't been updated since they finished building their prototype late last year. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even know they were working on Get Gosu v.2 unless you read it here first. But, there it is. The Gosu project is alive and well.

If you didn’t hear before, last year, a site called Get Gosu, built a platform that hosts online Counter Strike tournaments (and presumably other games as well). What Gosu built was only billed as a prototype, and was only ever tested in a limited environment (Gosu never released an open beta version).

Personally, I got to test the prototype, and found that it had huge potential. The fact that Gosu enables you to play pro gaming tournaments online, without having to travel around the globe, is IMO pretty sweet. Playing tournaments online is also common sense, considering that we play games that are designed for online multiplayer networking. Throw in the fact that Gosu’s tournament prize pots (the $$$ that you win) are primarily player driven (you pay a registration fee to join a tournament) and you get tournaments that are playable On Demand. That is because we no longer have to wait around for some corporate sponsor to put up the money for the tournament; as soon as gamers gather for a tournament, the tournament can be played.

Since they stopped testing the prototype things have been pretty quiet at Get Gosu. In fact, this is the first news I’ve gotten leaked to me in just about 8 months. It appears that the previously zipped lips are going to be unzipped as the new version of Get Gosu is rolled out. Check back because I will be posting more news whenever I can get it!