Friday, January 29, 2010

Assorted Observations from 1/28/2010

1. My uncle recently went to the hospital for surgery, after the surgery they gave him a bunch of pain medicine. If you have taken pain medicine before you know it can potentially make you constipated. Well, it made him really constipated, and everything they gave him to get the 'pipes moving' wouldn't work, so basically the solution was to not take the pain medicine. But, he was still in a lot of pain from the surgery and also in a lot of pain from being constipated (feeling like there is a ton of gas in there that just won't come out). So...what are you supposed to do when you are in a ton of pain but can not take pain medicine because its causing you even more pain? I think this is a case where you could smoke medical whacky tabacky. Make it legal!

2. Today I overheard two nerds debating who would win in a race between Sylvester the cat and the Pink Panther. They were being serious.

3. I can now earn triple air miles at the Double TT Diner. The Double TT is "open 25 hours a day", so I can earn a crap ton of air miles.