Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Get Gosu is Testing Their Tournaments

This was mailed to me care of J. Brock:

Hi TheHighFive,

You signed up to Beta test Get Gosu’s automated online tournaments. Here is your chance. We have Counter Strike Source and Half Life 2 Death Match tournaments available for Beta testing. Please join us as we play some online tournaments this Thursday (January 1st, 2009) at 2:00 PM EST. You are welcome to bring your friends, team, and clan along too. You will be among the first in the world to see the new tournament platform, and we want to hear your feedback.

The URL to the test site is http://stage.getgosu.com/login.

You are welcome to play on our servers whenever you want. If you want to play at a random time of the day, you may not find many people online; not a problem if you bring your team or clan with you and set up your own tournaments. Get Gosu is sweet because you can easily set up Public or Private custom tournaments and play at any time. In the coming weeks we will organize additional meet ups so that we can play some larger tournaments.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday. We hope you are enjoying the holiday season, and here is to kicking off the New Year with Get Gosu!


-Jordan Brock

P.S. You will automatically get one million dollars of "Beta Cash" when you create your Get Gosu Beta account at http://stage.getgosu.com/register. If you run out of "Beta Cash" you can give yourself more on your Accounts page. "Beta Cash" is for Beta testing only and is not real money; your "Beta Cash" has no real cash value.

If you do not live in North America you may not experience the best latency, because for now our SRCDS are only in the US.